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Link to this photograph on my flickr site.Sometimes search engine statistics can be rather amusing, yesterday I had a large number of views of a photograph which has been lurking for years in the darkest recesses of my flickr photostream; it’s entitled November Mist and dates from 1976 when I worked in a children’s home in London and shows one of the boys poking about in a farm pond with a fishing net. Curious as always, I looked at my statistics to see why this photograph should suddenly have a large number of hits. It was the first of November so wasn’t surprised to see that the search-word “November” accounted for 95% of the views, but six weird people had searched for “boys in tights”. How strange that search-string should have pulled-up my photo I thought, then I remembered in the text where I had described the photograph I had mentioned “his fishing net is made from a coat hanger, old tights and a bamboo cane”; search engines are bizarre!

I remember the day well, we had planned the day trip earlier in the week and had made arrangements to visit the farm belonging to a second cousin of mine. On the day it was beautifully sunny in south London but as we progressed north so it became mistier, then foggy, by the time we arrived at the farm the fog was very thick and also very chilly with it. The two girls and two boys I had taken with me enthusiastically explored the farm and surrounding buildings but soon three of them found themselves in the warmth of the farm house making toast by a crackling log fire, leaving just the older lad outside with me still exploring, and this is when the photograph was taken.