Four years ago today it snowed, quite a lot of snow for us here in South Wales, but not quite so much snow that we were prevented from going in to work. It snowed on and off all day and by home time at 5,00pm the roads were passable but traffic was really slow.

The following morning was a Saturday and it was my turn to be on duty at the Crematorium office, but it had snowed a lot in the night. Earlier than usual I was ready for work and went down the garden to the garage to see if I could get my car out of the lane. My neighbour had already been out in his 4×4 so a track had been carved through the deep snow and I reckoned I could get through. The next step was to pull on my “Hunters” and walk up to the main road to see if traffic was flowing; it was.

So off I went, slowly, it was quite treacherous and the five-minute journey took nearly thirty but eventually I reached the gate. It was then I remembered I hadn’t put on my suit jacket before putting on my overcoat before going to inspect the main road, and you know where the gate keys were, yes, in my suit jacket pocket; so back home I went. An hour later I opened the main gate and left my car stuck in the snow knowing the grounds staff would be along before too long with a lorry and men with shovels to clear a path.

Although I hardly saw a soul that morning, only those brave enough to walk, the day wasn’t entirely wasted as I did take my camera to work with me and fired off a few shots, this is one of them.