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OK, so that might be a rather over-dramatic title for today’s blog offering but let me explain. Last year on this date I told you about how “Our Derek” the BBC Wales weather presenter had e-mailed me and asked to use one of my photos of the 1978 blizzard on his weather bulletin that evening. At the time I thought it was a wind-up (follow the link), but no, it was a genuine request and my photograph appeared on the weather news that evening.

Last evening, around 6.00pm, I had another e-mail from Derek requesting the use of the same photograph for that evening’s weather news, it was the 36th anniversary yesterday of the 1978 blizzard. The screen-grab below is of Derek during the presentation. The date is incorrect however, although the big blizzard may have occurred on the night of the 18th of February, I didn’t take the photo until the afternoon of the 19th of February. I wonder if he’ll want to use it again next year to make it a hat-trick?

Derek Brockway and my photograph

This is how the original page looked on my website:

Link to OPOBS web-site page of the 1978 blizzard in Bridgend