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I like my little Canon G12 compact camera and tend to take it with me wherever I go, it just slips easily into my pocket and is versatile enough for most situations. It does have some limitations though, I would like a wider angle of view, and slightly more on the telephoto end would be good as well. I thought I had a solution to both these problems and set about acquiring some bits and pieces to achieve this aim.

Lurking in the deepest recesses of my obsolete camera kit is a 2x extension lens that I bought about 25 years ago to fit on my video camera, it worked well on that so thought I’d have a go at using it on my G12. Unfortunately the thread was a different size so I had to purchase a step-down ring to enable the 52mm thread on the lens to attach to the 58mm filter holder on the G12, then it was off out to give it a whirl to see whether the results would be satisfactory. Fail number one, everything except the very centre of the photograph was out of focus, as can be seen below.

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The wide angle problem I hoped was going to be solved by purchasing a 0.5x attachment advertised specifically for the G10 to G12 range of Canon compacts, an order was raised with Amazon and I sat back to wait expectantly for the lens to arrive. I waited, and waited, Amazon kept apologising for the delay, we were dealing with a third party here, and eventually, two weeks later the lens arrived. Expectantly, and interrupting my house painting, I was eager to test it and went down the garden to try it out. Sadly, this was fail number two, every image was fuzzy and so a quick complaint to Amazon had a prompt reply with a pre-paid postage label – it’s been returned!

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Both the images will enlarge for you to fully appreciate the truly awful results. I guess I shall just have to continue carrying my heavy kit around if I want wide and long!