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There is no doubt that Elgol on the Isle of Skye is a very popular and photogenic location, but the lengthy single-track road, with passing bays, makes a fascinating photographic study in itself. One is completely distracted along the route of this twisty and undulating road and the many photographic opportunities are not to be missed. One can be so absorbed in admiring the dramatic scenery that one doesn’t realise that the road doesn’t go where one expects; we found ourself in a farmyard at one point and down a terminal pot-hole-ridden track on another. To be fair, the satnav had probably told us we were wrong but we probably hadn’t heard her and some of the road signs are vague to say the very least. I was surprised to discover a working quarry down this narrow road so couldn’t resist a photograph with the hills in the background and then, a mile or so later, we found a smaller abandoned quarry which just had to be visited. So here’s a few quarry photos, it makes a change from the usual scenic views we see of Skye.