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Elgol on the Isle of Skye is a magnet for landscape photographers, its rocky foreshore, harbour and view of the Cuillin Hills beyond the overhanging cliff have all been captured on film and digitally for countless decades since photography became a popular pastime for everyday folk. The best time of day to visit is no doubt in the early morning or evening when shadows are longer and less harsh and there is the possibility of the mountains being lit by the rising or setting sun. A cloudy and gloomy day would no doubt add to the atmosphere as well but one has to make do with what one is presented with on a visit unlikely to be repeated for a long while, if ever.

It was midday, the road down from Valtos where we were staying, via Portree and Broadford, was lengthy and time consuming with multitudinous stops on the way for photo opportunities. We had started off early enough but it was lunchtime by the time we arrived at the harbour car park. Trying to take photos without finding everyone else’s tripod holes was a bit of a challenge, the overhanging cliff framing the Cuillin Hills is an attractive view and just has to be taken, but I did try and find some different viewpoints. Here then is a small selection of views, the first is the typical tourist photo, the other from slightly different perspective; the third a shot of the harbour with its solitary beached vessel. The people walking out of shot were just off for a jaunt on a massive inflatable craft not visible behind the larger foreground boat.

The Cuillin Hills from Elgol beach

The Cuillin Hills from Elgol beach

Elgol harbour with the Cuillin Hills in the distance.