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Ganavan Bay 1964A couple of days ago I posted a photograph to my blog which my sister said she’s never seen before, well I guess she’s never seen this one either. Taken on my camera when I was fifteen years old it shows my sister on a cold-looking unidentified beach in Scotland in 1964. It was a bit of a hunch but I decided to look on Google Maps streetview to see whether I could identify the location as the mountains in the distance would surely be fairly easy to identify. After finding Oban I navigated northwards trying all the views from the roadside until I reached Ganavan Bay. By superimposing my photograph onto the modern scene I have a perfect match for the spit of land on the left and the mountains of Mull in the background. I guess I won’t be quite so lucky with the majority of the rest of the unidentified photos I took in Scotland that year though!

Ganavan Bay