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Ganavan 1964Continuing to work through some fifty-year-old negatives of photographs I took in Scotland in 1964 I was intrigued by this one. There is nothing much to go on in this picture to give us much clue as to where it is. It was on the negative strip next to the one of Ganavan Bay I posted yesterday so figured it must be in the vicinity. My thoughts were that I was up high(ish) somewhere in Oban and the building in the foreground with castellated turrets should surely be reasonable easy to find? After searching on Google Earth for a couple of hours along that part of the coastline I came up with nothing so changed tactic and started a general search on castellated buildings in the Oban area; again nothing useful came up. By now I had probably spent more hours than was good for me, but, like a dog with a bone, I couldn’t let go. I kept returning to the search on and off all day but this one was proving difficult.

Ganavan postcardI then decided to give it a rest and search for the location of another photograph in the set and up popped a postcard of the caravan site at Ganavan Sands. Immediately I saw it I knew that was where we had stayed in the Oban area, so now I’m doubting the location of the photograph I posted a few days ago which I stated was at Oban. But I digress, in the foreground of the postcard was a large building with a castellated section of roof, could this be the same as the one shown in my photograph? By careful matching of the background and the solitary window in the roof of the foreground building I was able to match the two photographs, although the postcard shows the tide out, and on my photo the tide is in.

Apparently the building in the foreground was known at one time as the Pavilion and remained until about 2008 when it was demolished to make way for a development of luxury homes; the caravan site is also long-gone. So here’s my composite picture showing part of the postcard amalgamated with my photograph. My positioning isn’t exactly matching the position the postcard photographer stood, but it is on the same elevation and I guess within a few metres.

Ganavan composite photograph