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My BikePurchased in 1962 for my 13th birthday this bike was one of Halfords products and cost £10.00 with a single speed axle. If I’d had the three-speed hub it would have cost £13.00. Dad fitted a BSA three-speed to the bike as he had a spare in the garage. Originally a true red with white mudguards it was repainted yellow in 1975 (ish) and then had a repaint again about 1990 in the poppy red we see here. It no longer has the BSA hub as I buckled the back wheel in the 1970s and took it in to a shop in Wimbledon Park for a repair. They had a wheel already prepared with a Sturmey Archer hub so I had that instead. The SA three-speed was nothing like as good as the BSA one though, the gear ratios were all too close together and one couldn’t get up as much speed as with the BSA fitted.

In the mid 1990s I used to take my young nephew, and sometimes his friends, out on his bike and some of the places we rode were quite rough terrain so I purchased a cheap mountain bike with multiple gears from Halfords. My red Halfords bike from the 1960s hasn’t been ridden since and has lain in the garage for over twenty years, but yesterday had to see the light of day again as I needed to retrieve things from the darkest depths of the garage.