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. . . or more, since I last visited Tenby in the south-west corner of Wales, and I don’t know why I’ve left it so long, it’s a really charming little seaside town. Just over one and a half hours from home, it’s not exactly a long trek either!

Tenby HarbourSo yesterday saw us visiting Tenby; I hadn’t checked the tides, stupidly, and was disappointed on our arrival to find the tide was in, I had been looking forward to wandering about in the harbour taking the customary photographs of the beached boats with the colourful town houses in the back ground. I contented myself with a wander around the harbour and fired off a number of shots but really wasn’t too inspired but could see the tide was receding so, maybe, after lunch, there might just be a chance the tide would be low enough to visit the harbour again before we left and I’d be able to wander about amongst the boats.

Random kids crossing over to St Catherine's IslandAfter a bargain lunch at a pub in the town we wandered back down again to the vicinity of the harbour, the wind was howling and at times was rather cool considering how hot it was in the shade. I was fascinated by St Catherine’s island and watched as people waded out chest deep to the small foreshore and just hoped the tide might drop enough for me to do the same. Eventually the water level was low enough for my brother and I to brave the icy knee-deep water to paddle across. Soon a group of youngsters followed our lead and scrambled across getting into the frame as I was composing a shot. I have to say, without them in the frame this would have been a rubbish photo!

Tenby HarbourWe needn’t have braved the icy water though, as soon the tide had receded enough for us to walk back on the dry beach, time to look at the harbour again. A quick wander down to the harbour beach and I was soon busily snapping away amongst the boats with my little Canon G12 compact camera. I had decided to leave the DSLR at home as I didn’t want to be encumbered with heavy kit on what was essentially a family day out. Next time I shall visit with the big stuff!