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Nearly a year ago I visited a waterfall on the Nant Cwm-llwch near Brecon in South Wales along with my brother who was on holiday from his home in Australia. It was not an enjoyable waterfall visit as I managed to slip on the very wet ground, fall down an embankment and land very heavily on what I seemed to remember was a tree, which in turn prevented me from falling a further six feet down a vertical drop into the river. A broken rib was the result of this tumble and although I managed a few shots on that occasion before severe discomfort set-in I have ever since been very wary of waterfall environments, especially this one.

Yesterday though, I felt it was time to banish the demons in my mind and tackle this waterfall again. Once more my brother was with me, with his wife, on another visit to Wales, and together we visited this delightful little waterfall. Once down at the waterfall level I could clearly see where I had slipped the previous year and it was not a tree that had prevented me from falling to the bottom, but a large vertical rock, no wonder it had hurt.

Lighting conditions were not the greatest with the sun overhead, albeit behind cloud at the time of our visit, but I made the best of it with a few shots, including a few self portraits for which my brother pressed the shutter button. The one shown here was taken at the upper level before we scrambled down to the lower level which we had not braved on my previous visit. With the demons banished my only concern was horse flies, but that’s another story!

Waterfall near Brecon