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Members of my family and followers of the progress of my building project over the last three years will be pleased to know Peter Pan has been re-instated and returned to the position where he has commanded the view over the back garden for some eighty or more years.

Peter Pan

Standing at just 2ft (60cm) in height, this concrete statue was removed from its historic place some three or four years ago when it was thought the house may have to be sold to pay for my aunt’s residential care, she instructed me to place anything of sentimental or monetary value into safe keeping so Peter Pan was carefully removed and subsequently repaired and displayed in the back garden of my previous home. As everyone knows, the house later became mine and Peter Pan was to be replaced in his original position, but with uncertainty about damage during renovation of the house I left him in a safe place in the garden waiting for the day when he could be re-instated.

I’m not sure exactly when Peter Pan first came to live in my garden, he certainly features in photographs from the 1930s onwards. I have carefully sifted through all my archive pictures of the Simmonds family and the earliest I can find is probably this one, taken at a guess when my mother (in the foreground) was about six years old, so that would make it around 1930.

circa 1930

Last week my sister-in-law, on a visit with my brother, from Australia, rubbed down and repainted Peter Pan, giving him a few coats of bright white, his traditional colour smartening him up considerably. Welcome back Peter Pan, time to continue your vigil over the back garden.