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Today I thought I’d follow up yesterday’s story about the marriage of my grandparents Lilian and Wilf with a few press cuttings of the wedding; it would be an opportunity for me to check one or two facts as I believe I may have made a minor error. I have a box of old newspapers and in amongst them I was certain there were one or two from 1914 which would have contained reports of the wedding. Sure enough, in the box were three newspapers, two copies of the West Essex Gazette and one copy of The Essex Weekly News. I eagerly opened the papers to search for the articles about the wedding only to discover that they had been cut out of the papers, how frustrating is that? It’s really odd that the papers should have been kept without the relevant pieces, a quick search through the rest of the box didn’t produce the cuttings so where are they? I guess I have them, and I probably know where, but the thought of creeping into my attic space to dig out the relevant archive box was a little daunting, so I’ll leave it for another day.

1914 Newspapers

What I did learn from the newspapers though, was that one of them was sent to an address in St Ives in Cornwall, was this where my grandparents spent their honeymoon? A quick search on the internet brought up a website for the address, 1 Kenwyn Place, St Ives, a holiday rental house, it’s worth following my link to view the property.

1914 Essex Newspapers

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Since penning the above I have discovered one of the missing cuttings, from the West Essex Gazette of 8th August 1914, I was correct, I had made a minor error, now corrected. Interesting to read the honeymoon was in Cornwall!

1914 Press Cutting