IMG_2982Last evening after washing up from my evening meal I accidentally knocked a wine glass off the drainer and into the sink where the stem snapped, this was quite a sad loss for me as I’ve had that glass a very long time. Actually, I once had twelve of them, but over the years they’ve slowly become broken, one by one, until I now have just two left in the glasses cupboard. I like this particular sized glass, it holds just enough wine to have daily with my evening meal, any more than that one small glass and I regret it, I’m such a lightweight. I always feel a little sadness over the loss of yet another of these glasses, not because of the monetary value, but because of the sentimental memories of the era in which I acquired them.

Actually they cost nothing at all, they came to me individually over a lengthy period as free gifts with petrol, not necessarily my purchases though. I’ve mentioned on this blog many time in the past that I worked in a children’s home in south London for a few years in the late 1970s, one of the older youngsters had a part-time job in a petrol station and he was the source of some of the glasses. I think one had to purchase four pounds worth of petrol before you were entitled to a free glass and if the petrol purchaser didn’t want the glass the staff were free to do what they wanted with them. I acquired about half of my dozen with my own petrol purchases and the rest were given to my by this lad, so they hold good sentimental memories of my period in the home.

Whilst we are on the subject of my time in London I’d like to tell you about one of my former colleagues, Ernie by name, who has just been mentioned in the New Year Honours List. Ernie was working at the home before I arrived and was certainly there for many years after I left. When the local authority closed the home Ernie returned to his roots in the Channel islands and continued to work with children and young people in Jersey. Ernie was/is also a drummer and has worked tirelessly with the youth services in Jersey over the last few decades teaching drums and encouraging youth music and this is what has earned him his award. Congratulations Ernest Douglas Mallett BEM, it’s well deserved.