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One thing is apparent from the 2014 Review provided by WordPress, I really must try harder this year to write something that is more attractive to my readers. The statistics show that out of the top ten most-read posts during 2014 only one of them had actually been written in 2014, all the others had been written in previous years. Let’s look at them, in reverse order also showing the position of the story in all-time viewing figures.

10. The Waterfalls of Cwm Gwrelych, published June 2013, all-time 21

9. Tynton, Llangeinor, published October 2012, all-time position 5

8. UKG 274 – A survivor, published November 2013, all-time position 15

7. Penwyllt Brickworks – Then & Now, published March 2014, all-time 34

6. The Winter of 1963, published January 2013, all-time position 9

5. The Dunlops! published March 2013, all-time position 7

4. A Collection of Listers, published January 2012, all-time position 6

3. Fifty Two years ago today, published December 2012, all-time position 4

2. Penny for the Guy, Mister? published November 2012, all-time position 3

1. School’s off! published January 2013, all-time position 1

So there you have it, out of the Top Ten for 2014, seven are also in the Top Ten for all-time viewing, so I guess I’ll have my work cut out this year if I am to topple any of those from next year’s statistics.

Link to School's off blog story