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I had first seen this engine a few years previously, but having mentioned it at our local vintage club I was informed not to waste my time trying to purchase it as it was “untouchable”, the owner wanting far too much money for it. How much he wanted I have no idea, but at the time this L type Lister seemed a little too large for me to handle so I didn’t pursue it.

On Good Friday in 1979 I arranged with a couple of friends to accompany me to a farm about ten miles from home to collect an item of machinery I had purchased some weeks previously. Whilst there the conversation with the farmer came round to discussing the aforementioned engine which was about a mile away. I was told it could be purchased, just tell him I sent you, the farmer said, then changed his mind and said, no, he’d ring him to tell him about my interest. After loading the item I’d come to collect we drove the mile or so to the next farm where we introduced ourselves to the farmer. After some while he agreed a price and we set off for home to unload the trailer so we could return later that morning with an empty trailer to collect the engine.

On our return the farmer, who was retired, mentioned he knew of two other engines on his cousin’s farm a few miles away, a Lister D and a Petter of unknown model. I was immediately interested and gladly noted the telephone number. But first it was time to load the Lister L onto the trailer which took a while as all the scrap had to be moved so we could get in close with the trailer. On arrival back home we unloaded and then I rang the number I had been given; mid afternoon it was on with the wellies once more as we set about visiting the farm and collecting another engine, a Petter M which I’ll tell you about tomorrow. Three items in one day, it really had been a Good Friday!

Lister L at Llwyn Nwydog Farm