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IMG_2991_editYesterday I had occasion to open the inspection cover for my sewer, I had seen water running down the garden path after my shower and realised I may have a blockage. Just beneath the cover is a sharp left-hand bend and a slight difference in levels caused by subsidence has created a lip in the clay pipe-join resulting in a potential grab for larger chunks of effluent. Sure enough, lifting the lid proved I had more than enough backlog to provide me with an entertaining session with the drain rods, thankfully all cleared within a half hour or so, just time for a thorough rinse of the system before replacing the cover.

The cover is probably unique, a rare survivor from the early 20th century and cast with the name of my great grandfather. It’s been a while since I gave any serious thought to my family tree research but seeing his name on the cover set my mind wondering about a mystery that has been puzzling me for a while. Although it is known William was buried in Nolton Churchyard in Bridgend, the whereabouts of the burial of his wife has not been proven. I have always assumed William was buried with his wife but there does not appear to be record of her burial. I have searched the burial records personally, and the clerk of the Church has also searched, but neither of us can find the burial record for Louisa in the registers.

This morning with William on my mind I started a search on the internet, new information is always being added and I hoped there might be something about the building company he apparently set-up for his sons in the early 1920s. After trawling for an hour or so I came across the Glamorgan Gazette records in the Cymru 1914 website and was interested to find a funeral report for Mrs Simmonds of Nolton Street published on Friday 21st September 1917. In the report it clearly states “The funeral on Wednesday at Nolton Churchyard was well attended”. Proof at last of where my great grandmother Louisa is buried.