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Over the past couple of months I have made the decision to close down my opobs website when the current hosting period ceases at the end of January. When I set up the site in 2003 it was unique in providing an on-line location where visitors could view my collections of old photographs of Bridgend, hence the acronym Old Photographs Of Bridgend webSite.


For ten or more years the site was a leader in its field and many thousands of visitors annually viewed the hundred or so pages during its life. Over the last two years, with social media history sites gaining popularity, it has become apparent viewing figures have declined and the amount of time spent in upkeep and research necessary for regular updates has brought me to the conclusion it’s run its course and is now time to pull the plug before it becomes a tedious chore to maintain. It’s not a decision I’ve made lightly as it’s been fun and worthwhile during its existence, but feel I’ve now taken it as far as it can go and wish to channel my on-line interests in other directions. I shall be maintaining my WordPress blog where local history articles will appear from time to time, and also my flickr photography site will be continued. I shall be keeping the domain names so anyone wishing to contact me can still do so at my current opobs e-mail address. I have retained the opobs name for the rest of my on-line accounts, it’s the name by which many know me and in the near future I may be providing a new but different site using the opobs.co.uk domain.

I’d like to say thank you to all the friends and contacts who contributed photographs, documents, information and encouragement, your input helped make the site varied and interesting. Finally thanks to all the visitors for your support over the last twelve years, I achieved what I originally set out to do, it’s been good knowing you’ve appreciated all my efforts; farewell.