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In January 2001 I took the plunge and purchased my first digital camera, this was a 3.3 mega-pixel Sony Cybershot DSC-P1. This camera was tiny, much smaller than anything I had used before and it was so easy to slip it into your pocket and carry it everywhere. The pictures were not great by 2015 standards but the size of the files were sufficient to make a decent A4-sized print and I entered many club competitions with mounted prints from this camera. During this period my normal camera was either my Canon Sureshot compact or for serious photos my SLR Canon 50e film camera. The acquisition of the Sony led to the abandonment of the Sureshot and I haven’t used it since, although I continued to use the SLR until my next digital camera, but that wasn’t until January 2004.


This photograph of my youngest nephew taken on 28th January 2001 at Ogmore-by-Sea is from the first batch of pictures taken with the camera. Another photo from the same afternoon has been uploaded to flickr.

In 2003 I submitted a panel of twelve 20″ x 16″ mounted prints to the Welsh Photographic Federation for consideration for an Associateship award. One of the photographs in the panel was taken with the Sony, second row, second from right. I’m pleased to say the panel was accepted by the selectors awarding me an Associate of the Welsh Photographic Federation, AWPF.