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I have to confess, it’s been a stressful day today, I hate having workmen around and always glad to see the back of them when they leave. It was a bit of an impulsive decision, all I wanted was someone to professionally prune my holly tree but one thing led to another and before I knew it I had agreed to the “bank” being demolished and my tree remained un-pruned.

Let me explain, the bank is a hideous feature in my garden which was originally installed some thirty years before my occupancy to provide a bit of privacy; no, not a bit, a LOT of privacy. A wall of about a metre high had been backfilled to create a bank on top of which had been planted conifers, it really was not an attractive feature and as soon as we had completed the renovation of the house, down came the conifers. It was only yesterday I discussed the removal of the remaining bank with the landscape gardeners and they could do the job straight away. Some preparation on my part was necessary as I had to remove some of my decorative features from the garden and the rotten side fence, but by this morning I was ready for the onslaught.

I never expected it to be completed in one day however, but hard work with a mini-digger and a super-human effort by the three barrow operators soon had the site cleared; in all, seven lorry loads to the land-fill site. There was all sorts of weird stuff buried in the bank, boxes of nails, leaded windows, paint cans and, bizarrely, an old fridge. The bank has now gone with the minimum of destruction to the lawn and the upper garden looks huge, now all I have to do is decide what I’m going to do with my new-found space.