No, really, I’m not a fan of twitter, I can’t be bothered with all that hashtag nonsense and find it all too time-consuming and somewhat trivial. I do have a Twitter account, but that’s more to show that I have a presence on the platform rather than anything else. I rarely tweet; up until the time of committing these words to the computer I can count just fourteen of them. I follow less than thirty but keep my eye on them every now and again just to be nosey. One of those on my follow list is the BBC Wales weatherman, Derek Brockway, and this morning he tweeted one of my photos, I guessed he might as it’s the anniversary of a certain weather event and he’s tweeted one of my photos on the two previous anniversaries. Better than that though, he also tweeted a link to one of my blog stories which consequently created a sharp rise in viewing figures this morning.

On the morning of 19th February 1978, Bridgend awoke to find itself smothered in snow, a blizzard of a once-in-a-lifetime proportion which has never been forgotten. Of course, as soon as I could I went out with my camera to record the event and have about 72 black and white photographs, which was two reels of 35mm film, quite a lot for those days as I was a little frugal with film at times. For many years my photographs were featured on a page of my erstwhile web-site which is where Derek originally discovered them and subsequently obtained permission to use one in a weather broadcast three years ago. Although the blizzard commenced on the afternoon of the 18th, it was not until the following morning the full severity of the situation was realised, we were cut-off from the rest of the world!

Here’s the link to the blog to which Derek linked, and below is a screen-shot of the 1978 Blizzard page that was on my former web-site.

1978 Blizzard at Bridgend