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My cat, like most other domesticated felines, is quite particular about the brand of food on his menu. In the morning he has a pouch of wet food, in jelly not gravy, and early evening he has a small tin of food followed by a half-handful of dry food at bedtime. We rarely deviate from this pattern, if I try him with something else he’ll eat it once and then the next time I try it, up turns his nose. So we have a routine, the same brand of pouch in the mornings, bought in convenient boxes with four different flavours and the box comes with a perforated section which lifts open to reveal the pouches inside; but why are they are always packed upside down? Now I know many of you are saying “So what, just grab one and feed it to the cat” but as every cat owner knows, you need to see what flavour you are pulling out so you don’t give the same one the following day.

Every twelve days, as that’s how many morning’s-worth there are in a box, I have to go through the same ritual of taking them out and then re-inserting them in the box the correct way so I can read the label. Just whoever designed the machinery that packs these boxes? They obviously don’t have a cat or they’d know how irritating it is for all the labels to be hidden. The strange thing is, the same brand of food in gravy are packed six up and six down. Oh, sorry I’m going on a bit, grizzle over for the next twelve days!