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. . . I visited the town of Barry; twice. I had decided I was going to attend the official opening on Saturday of the Welsh Salon of Photography at Barry Library, an event organised by the Welsh Photographic Federation to which Bridgend & District Camera Club is affiliated. Looking at Google maps I could see the venue was just a short stroll from Barry Docks station so elected to travel by train, an hourly service from Bridgend taking me there in just over 30 minutes, an interesting ride along the Vale of Glamorgan line. I caught the 12:45 which allowed me plenty of time before the opening of the exhibition, well worth visiting, by the way, if you are interested in club photography and happen to be in the area. Afterwards I caught the 15:00 back to Bridgend and was at the station in plenty of time to see a number of passenger trains pass through and photographed a few of them in the gloomy conditions prevailing.

143601 at Barry Docks station

The following day I returned to Barry, this time by car as Sunday train services are more sparse and my destination was the Bus Museum housed in the former Western Welsh depot on Broad Street. It was one of the Cardiff Transport Preservation Group‘s annual running days and it was my intention to travel on one of the free services to their Atlantic storage depot to view the vehicles not normally on public view. Unfortunately, their timetable of trips to the Atlantic depot didn’t fit my schedule for the rest of the day so had to forego a visit on this occasion, it was a good opportunity however to see and photograph the recently re-patriated 1951 AEC Regal with a rare Cardiff-built Bruce body which has spent many years in South Africa.

1951 AEC Regal with Bruce coachwork

Clicking on either of the photographs will take you to my flickr site where further information is available. More photo of both days are in an album on flickr.