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In the course of my early career in the child care profession I often crossed paths with celebrities of the day. Many of them weren’t very interested in communicating with a lowly care worker but there were exceptions, one of these was Ed “Stewpot” Stewart who I had the privilege of being able to photograph before and during a live performance of the Radio One Club in April 1973. The Radio One Roadshow visited the Jane Hodge Holiday Home at Trerhyngyll near Cowbridge where I was a houseparent at the time and Ed arrived early in the day so he could acquaint himself with the youngsters in residence and also make some recordings for his Saturday morning Junior Choice radio request show.

This photograph shows Ed interviewing some of the children and recording their conversation, some of which was transmitted on the following Saturday’s Junior Choice. Although I can recognise the girl as Lorraine and the boy next to her as Vincenzo, I had to resort to my records to find out the name of the boy on the left but still none the wiser; possibly his name was Robert.

I can’t help but feeling just a teeny bit nostalgic looking back at photographs of this era, they were good times, long gone. I’ll tell you more about the Radio One Club Roadshow of Thursday 19th April 1973 in the next enthralling episode.

Minolta SRT 303 SLR camera with 50mm lens, Ilford HP4, my favourite film of the period, probably rated at 650 ASA and developed in Microphen although my negative files unusually give no specific details.