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As I have mentioned in my two previous blogs, Ed Stewart and the Radio One Roadshow visited the Jane Hodge Holiday Home on 19th April 1973. At the time we had 25 youngsters on holiday, all of a younger age range as it was the Easter holidays and we had a block-booking from one of the south Wales special schools. To swell the numbers for the live broadcast we also invited many of the youngsters from the local villages of Trerhyngyll and Maendy and also from two homes for disabled younger adults and a couple of PHAB clubs as well. All those plus children and relatives of members of staff probably increased the total audience to around seventy, not a huge number by normal Roadshow standards. It was intended for the broadcast to be held outside but the threat of showers meant it would be an indoor event and the BBC elected to use the home’s music room rather than the larger playroom, consequently not everyone could fit inside but with doors open and the large wrap-round windows meant those outside could also get a good view of the proceedings.


At 5.00pm that afternoon the show went live and Ed Stewart and his small production team ran the proceedings efficiently with many of our youngsters participating, reading requests and being interviewed. Upstairs in my bedroom I had switched on my little cassette recorder to make a recording of the event, a C120 cassette meant I had to turn it over but the news at the half-way point was a convenient place to do the switch. Outside, the relay van had been provided by BBC Wales Radio and my photo shows it during the broadcast; also in the picture is my Citroen Dyane car, good to see as I don’t have many pictures of that little fun vehicle. Incidentally, I still have the recording on cassette tape somewhere, perhaps one day I’ll get round to digitising it.


All too soon the show was over and the home returned to normal. There was to be one final twist in the tale and that is when Ed was interviewing the children earlier in the day one of the boys had come out with one of Ed’s catchphrases ‘ello darling! which Ed recorded and used in the next Saturday morning Junior Choice programme instead of the usual recording he always used. It was good to hear young Gareth with his very husky voice saying the popular show’s catchphrase, sadly I didn’t record Junior Choice, I wonder if the lad remembers he featured on the programme? The final photograph shows Ed talking to Gareth and is probably the moment he captured the catchphrase on his recorder.