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Yesterday I mentioned that I had a modest collection of vintage cameras, acquired mostly from auto jumble and steam rally stalls but one or two have come from antique or bric-a-brac shops. Generally of no real monetary value I like them as they look impressive in my display cabinet. In the photo you can see the contents of the cabinet, with the doors open, with about 50 of the collection on display. I also have a number of ciné cameras and other slightly newer still cameras which are kept in storage. The Sanderson plate camera I described yesterday can be seen on the top left and the large single lens reflex plate camera I mentioned is on the bottom row directly below. The most expensive at £35 from a bric-a-brac shop near Cheltenham is on the top shelf far right. On the bottom shelf fourth from left at the rear is my grandmother’s Kodak box camera which she used regularly right up into the late 1960s, she even won a photographic competition and the prize was a box camera, unfortunately it wasn’t as good a quality camera as hers, that’s also in the photo, third from left bottom shelf at rear. Also on the bottom shelf second from right at the front is my first camera, a Welsh-built Purma which used 127 film. Two away from that is my now-defunct Microflex, a twin lens reflex quality camera which was my favourite for black and white work in the 1970s, I wore it out. And yes, that is a flute on the top shelf, it belonged to my grandfather, not really sure why it’s kept in this cabinet!