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The weather forecast looked promising, a cloudy evening for the weekly summer meet of Bridgend & District Camera Club, this week at the iconic beach at Nash Point on the beautiful Glamorgan Heritage Coastline. Mid afternoon I had my doubts, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen just wall-to-wall blue but on the horizon towards the coast, which I can almost see from my bedroom window, there was a faint hint of cloudage appearing. By 5.00 I’d made my decision, there were enough clouds to probably make it worth my while going, I’d already half-promised a lift for our youngest member so messaged him to say it was on. A couple of hours later, as we approached the car park at Nash Point, the clouds we’d seen in Bridgend were nowhere to be seen at the coast, actually we’d driven past them at Ogmore-by-Sea and that’s where they stayed, we could see them from Nash but they were too far away to be able to include them in any photos, it was to be a waiting game to see if they’d come closer to us.

It’s been a while since I went out with the DSLR, these days I usually carry my compact camera for capturing life’s little moments but it doesn’t have the same feel of satisfaction as setting up and taking shots with the DSLR. The sky was letting me down, I didn’t have much enthusiasm for the task ahead, I watched, and chatted with, the members of the club who had ventured down to the beach and bided my time, surely the clouds would perform, wouldn’t they? Eventually there was enough cloud to attempt to take some pictures and I set up the camera with the extreme wide-angle lens for some low viewpoint photos, using live-view to compose the image as the camera was so close to the ground. On my previous camera I used an angle viewfinder and have to say this was preferable to live-view in this situation and I may consider using it again.

I fired off a number of shots at various spots around the beach but, unlike a few years ago when I’d throw myself enthusiastically into such a photoshoot, I felt a lack of emotion, I wasn’t really inspired, perhaps it was the location which has been done to death by all and sundry including me? In addition we were visiting on a falling tide which is not my favoured time for beach shots. Anyway, by 9.00 I’d had enough, all but two of the camera club members had disappeared, probably off to some pub or other, and I wandered up from the beach to pack my kit away, the sky had become very drab and a sunset of any quality looked highly unlikely. Of course, on our way home the sky picked up again and threw some colour at us but by then we weren’t near a suitable location to capture it.

So this then is one of the shots taken last evening, in order not to blow out the highlight detail in the sky I underexposed by two stops and then lifted the shadows in post processing but this gave an unreal feel to the colour so I converted it to a black and white image. The rest of the photos taken last evening will probably be consigned to the bin as I have much better images of this location from previous visits. Not a wasted journey, it was good to get out with the camera again, it’s been far too long.