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Since I was a teenager I’ve been interested in occasionally doing a bit of sign-writing. I guess it started in school when we had to do lettering for our ‘O’ level GCE and this was one branch of art at which I was reasonably good. However, I failed the ‘O’ level, not with my lettering, but with my flower study, boring things to draw, was just not interested enough to apply myself. After leaving school I somehow got myself involved in doing the large posters which were placed outside our Church advertising seasonal events, unfortunately I never thought to photograph any of them so have no record. Later, in my “engine period” I would make my own signs for showing with my machinery, all painstakingly painted with a smallish paintbrush, I was not quick, but generally satisfied with what I produced.

These signs were few and far between however but I was occasionally asked by third parties to make a sign, this is one of them. I believe this was the last one I painted, by the time this one was done in around 1994 my hand wasn’t as steady as it had been in the past and I struggled, doing a bit in the mornings when my hand was steadiest over a longish period of a couple of weeks and this sign was definitely not one of my best. The sign stayed in place from 1994 until at least 2008 when this photograph was taken, but soon after was replaced with a modern computer generated acrylic sign. My sign is history, and so is the Chapel having closed in 2012. More photos of Ruhamah on flickr.