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You will notice I’ve been a bit quiet on WordPress this past few weeks, I haven’t been idle though, there’s been lots of work done in the garden attempting to make the lower lawned area a little more attractive. In between, I’ve also been working on a few projects, one for myself, and two for others.

You will recall that last year I was asked to stage a small exhibition on the Brickworks of South Wales. This was set up primarily for an “Open Doors” event at Tondu Methodist Church in September but the exhibition has been on display there now for the best part of a year. This year the Church are staging an exhibition about Church Organs in the Bridgend area and I have been doing the design work on the display panels, a time-consuming but satisfying task which is almost at completion, just awaiting confirmation of proof-reading. Although the person staging this exhibition has supplied most of the illustrations I was asked if I could use my expertise in taking some photographs where ordinary lenses would not be able to fit in everything required. Some of the places I photographed can be viewed on flickr in an album entitled Organs which can be accessed by clicking on this photo of the organ at All Saints Church, Pen-y-fai.

The organ at Pen-y-fai Church

The second project has been to build a website for the Bridgend & District Local History Society, of which I am currently Deputy Chairperson. I used Weebly, it’s simple to use and with loads of templates to choose from had it up and running in no time. It has been on trial for the last two months or so but can now been found under the domain name bridgend-history-society.co.uk. The site has just five main pages outlining the society and its past and present status, plus a page of publications produced by the society along with other interesting booklets from the past, this section holds a total of seventeen newsletters, journals and guides which can be accessed in their entirety. Here’s the front page of the website, click to view.

Bridgend & District Local History Society

Back in January of this year I made a decision to closed down my website which featured old photographs of my home town of Bridgend and I announced this on my WordPress blog under the title of opobs is no more. Subsequently I pointed the opobs.co.uk URL to that specific page on my blog so any future visitors could read why they were no longer able to access the site. My WordPress statistics show that many visitors are regularly accessing that page but probably not exploring this blog any further. Although the search engine included with WordPress is very efficient, the results page is not very inviting for the casual browser so I have decided to produce a pictorial index on an external website specifically for visitors searching for my articles on Bridgend and the district. I have decided to concentrate on just two areas of my blog, Local Bridgend History and Childhood Memories, both of these sections hold a wealth of information and memories specific to my home town and the area. Once again I used Weebly for the design and shown here is the home page which contains a description of the aims of the site along with a little bit of history about the opobs name. Click on the image to view the website.

the opobs index