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I thought I’d written about this, but have looked back through my blog and can’t find it, but a year ago I set up a small display at the exhibition space of Tondu Welsey Methodist Church. Entitled The Brickworks of the Bridgend area there were a number of display panels showing all the major brickworks in the area plus a small selection of my large collection of named bricks. Initially the display was to be in place for a month or so but it was decided to leave it on show until the following year’s exhibition would be put in place. Here’s a photo of part of the display and one of the eleven panels I designed for the exhibition.

Tondu exhibition area

A couple of months ago I was asked if I’d be willing to do the layout and design for the panels of a new exhibition, The Church Organs of the Bridgend area, to which I agreed; I also took some of the photographs needed for some of the panels. This work has now been completed and the panels printed and yesterday I dismantled my exhibition and helped set up the new display. This will be available for the public to view for the first time at the “Open Doors” event at the Church on Saturday 12th September. Below is one of the twelve colourful panels that will be on show, these are displayed in large frames measuring 70cm x 50cm. There will be many organ-related artefacts on show including a number of small portable reed organs. Also on display that Saturday will be the promotional stand of the Bridgend & District Local History Society and I shall be showing a scaled down version of last year’s brickworks display.