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I have finally set eyes upon a copy of certain church register for which a transcription has long been available. Some fifteen or more years ago I completed a major chunk of my family tree taking one branch back to the early 1700s, I’ve been working on it spasmodically over the intervening years, tidying up and filling in details but never succeeding in going back another generation. I thought I had the answer, there must be an error in the transcription from the original documents, everything else fitted in but I knew I’d have to wait until either the documents came on-line, or I was able to visit the Norfolk Record Office. Today I studied the photocopies of the original register and, although written in Latin, I can now see there has been no error in transcribing.

The extract shown here clearly states Robtus, short for Robertus which is the Latin name of Robert, I had so hoped it might have been mistaken for Roger, but no, it’s very clear. So, back to the drawing board as they say, although, I’m not sure now where to go next in my quest for the birth date and parents of my five-times great grandfather Roger Wright who was born about 1720. I’m unable to find his marriage to Elizabeth either but thankfully all their multitudinous children and the next three generations are all recorded in the same Attleborough register, although three generations of a Roger marrying an Elizabeth did present its own problems!