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On Saturday 12th September Tondu Wesley Methodist Church once again held a very successful “Open Doors” event. This year’s exhibition is entitled Pipe Organs in Chapels and Churches in the Bridgend Area, the Valleys and the Vale” and is of a similar style to last year’s exhibition of the “Brickworks of the Bridgend area”. The display centres around twelve information panels showing 39 organs that were, or still are in churches and chapels of the area. The display cabinets show items of organ memorabilia including pipes, stops and other oddments associated with tuning and construction. In addition there is a small selection of portable or semi portable reed organs of various sizes. The photographs and information for the panels were supplied by Peter David although I took a few pictures specifically for the display, and I also put the panels together and had them printed. This is a sample of one of the 70cm x 50cm panels followed by a couple of photographs of the exhibition area. The exhibition will stay in place for approximately one year and can be viewed at times when the church is open for normal events, see their website for details.

Also in attendance just for the “Open Doors” event was the promotional display of the Bridgend & District Local History Society and shown here is Natalie Murphy the society’s President. In addition, I also showed a scaled-down version of last year’s exhibition of my brickworks display.

There were lots of visitors to the exhibition throughout the day and those manning the displays were kept very busy answering questions and talking and listening to the attendees. A very pleasurable day.