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Digging about in my archives I discovered this selfie taken in September 2001. It shows the computer room I had in my top-floor flat at “Little West” in Southerndown, creatively using disused furniture from the time when we ran an elderly person’s home at the property. The cupboards are bedroom wardrobes and drawers restyled for my purpose and the computer desktop is nothing more than veneered chipboard on a timber framework. Even the wallpaper was left over from a previous project, just enough to paper this room. Out of view to the left and behind me are bookshelves containing some of my library. To the right of the photo is the window with a stunning view along the heritage coastline as far as Nash Point and across the channel to Exmoor.

The computer on the left is my AppleMac G4 new in 2000, in its time a very powerful machine, with a 19″ Hitachi CRT monitor which was nearly as heavy as a car. Alongside that can be seen the Minolta Dimage 35mm slide and film scanner, connected by SCSI it was painfully slow and although still on the desk it had been superseded by the Epson GT flatbed and film scanner seen alongside, also connected by SCSI. The general purpose A4 printer above the scanner is one of the Epson “Photo” models but can’t remember which one. The other side of me is the A3 Epson 1250 printer, never a successful machine it gave me lots of printing problems and eventually I abandoned it in favour of a Canon Pro9000. The other computer is my first Mac new in 1993, a Centris 660AV model with a massive 700mb hard drive, well that was massive when new. Internet connection on the G4 was by dial-up, hopeless in a household of six persons, I had to wait until everyone had gone to bed and weren’t likely to use the phone.

In 2005 all of the fixtures and fittings were recycled into my new home in Grove Road and most items remained there when I moved again in 2013 to my current home. The worktop I’m leaning on was further recycled and is now in my utility room. I still have the red tee-shirt but now it’s relegated to cleaning cloth status, and the pale blue denim shorts finally gave up the ghost last year with a frayed hole on the bum after nearly 15 years of summer use. You’ll notice the computer chair is one of those you kneel on, it helped solve a back problem I was going through in that period. Despite all the technology I’m using a pencil, I suspect I may be working on one of my family tree charts.  It was a good workspace and I had many years use out of it before we sold up in 2005.

“Little West” photographed in 2005 just before we sold the property. My flat was on the top floor although we had communal living spaces on the ground floor. My computer room was the far right window, the lounge was the middle window and the left window was my bedroom. Behind those three rooms were the bathroom and the kitchen with the staircase and landing in between them.