When I joined the photo-sharing website flickr back in 2007 I never suspected that one day my viewing figures would reach millions. At some point late yesterday evening after I had retired for the night my views topped the 3.5 million mark. In the grand flickr scheme of things that’s not a huge amount, some of my flickr friends who are more prolific with their photography have many more views under their belt, one even reached 20 million very recently.

Although I say I joined in 2007, it was actually the second time I had signed up. When I first entered the flickr world I really didn’t get on with it and felt it was quite a lonely existence, my photos getting very few views and I didn’t persevere very long before I deleted the account. However, in June 2007 I had another go and uploaded some photos and then started to explore some of the groups that were beginning to proliferate, one of these was WelshFlickrCymru (WFC) and before too long I was corresponding with members and even starting to meet up for photoshoots. Some of those contacts from the early years remain good friends to this day and I am grateful to flickr for bringing us together to share our love of photography.

When I started to post photos to flickr I had no clear pattern of what I was going to upload, and I guess that remains to this day. It’s an eclectic mix of old, new, weird and eccentric, frequently digging into my vast archive of negatives and mixing them with new images. Although I was very prolific in my use of the camera in the late 2000s and early 2010s, this has now tailed off considerably since my retirement as I find I now have the time to expand other interests in my life, photography being kept as a special treat to be dipped into from time to time. Why not have a look at my flickr site? clicking on the multi-image below will take you directly to the home page. Please explore the albums as well, lots of interesting historical and quirky stuff to be found lurking within!

Flickr Screen Shot