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For about twenty years I have been attempting to build up a comprehensive family tree. Consisting of branches from each of my great grandparents I have researched Stokes, Simmonds, Wright, Bartlett, Ostler, Fleming, Waite and Giles. One of the first branches I attempted to piece together was my paternal grandmother’s branch, the Wrights, originating (as far as my tree is concerned) in Norfolk at a small town called Attleborough and four generations of my Wright ancestors are recorded in the Parish Register of the ancient church.

St Mary's Church. Attleborough

The farthest back I can trace the Wrights is when the children of Roger, born around 1715, and his wife Elizabeth appear in the register, the first child recorded was baptised in 1744 followed by a further nine children one of which was named Roger baptised in 1749. This Roger also married an Elizabeth and their first child was baptised in 1772. Their first son was also named Roger and he coincidentally also married an Elizabeth but it’s their second son William who was baptised in 1780 that we now follow. He married Mary and between them eight children were baptised between 1799 and 1814 including my great great grandfather George, baptised in 1805. He married Eliza Smith and they had six children between 1837 and 1850.

Robert Wright 1844-1916My great grandfather Robert was the last generation to be baptised at Attleborough in 1844, he married Eliza Fleming who was from Badingham in Suffolk and they went on to have seven daughters, the youngest of which was my grandmother Lilian. Robert and his family moved from the ancestral area soon after the first of their children were born and settled in the Epping area of Essex where they remained for the rest of their lives.

St Mary’s Church, Attleborough has a long and interesting history which I won’t go into here, its finest feature is the 52ft long oak Rood Screen which is the only one in Norfolk to stretch across the nave and both aisles and dates from about 1500. A brief visit yesterday captured the interior of this lovely church but with limited editing facilities on an ancient laptop computer I am unable to obtain the best results from my images, that will have to wait until I return home.

St Mary's Church. Attleborough