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Today is the birthday of my sister, it’s a round-figure event but I’ve been banned from telling the world how old that is, what I can tell you is that she arrived six years and five months after I was born. She’s lucky, usually for a family event such as this I would dig about in my archives to find old photographs and other snippets of memorabilia. As my desk is currently covered in elderly audio equipment connected to my computer to digitise tape recordings from four or more decades ago, I can’t get at my scanner as I don’t want to disturb the myriad of connecting cables until the job is finished.

However, I do have a few suitable photos already on my hard drive so have chosen this one to show you today. It was taken in 1958 when my sister was three years old and is a crop from a family portrait including my brother and myself. Taken on a Sunday morning when my mother was in chapel, my father decided to get out the camera and take a few snaps of us. My mother was not best pleased when she saw the prints and gave my father a telling-off for wasting film. Why? because he hadn’t brushed my sister’s hair before taking the photo!

It will only be a small birthday-bash today as some of the key players in her life are not able to be with us, but Happy Birthday Sheila, my little (and only) sister, welcome to the decade of the bus pass!