10 years ago today we closed the door on our large Southerndown home for the last time. This is the blog I penned seven years ago.


Seven years ago today I moved into my house; two days prior to that my Mum, sister and her family also moved, it was a week of frantic activity as we each assisted with the others move as we commenced a new era.

Little West in 1906For the previous twenty eight years we had all lived in a large house in Southerndown. In 1978 we had acquired a closed hotel and converted it for use as a private home for the elderly. We were the first such home in the county and were registered to care for 21 residents. In reality this really wasn’t practical so we down-registered to 14 which was the ideal number without residents sharing rooms. For many years the business ran successfully until a change in government policy which dictated DHSS would no longer pay residents fees directly but via the county councils. This was fine for a while…

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