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In the early hours of the 4th December 1960 there was a knock at the front door, there was a policeman standing there, after confirming that he was speaking to the correct person he advised my father that the river had burst its bank a short while ago and the flood water had reached his shop. It wasn’t unusual for the police to communicate with shop owners and traders in this way, very many still had no telephones and the police station, which was in the heart of the town in those days, would have had a list of names and addresses of the key holders. Of course, I don’t actually remember the policeman at the door, I wasn’t there, I was in boarding school and I have written about my recollections of the event in a previous posting.

So it was that fifty-five years ago today, the most serious Bridgend flood of the 20th century occurred in the early hours of the morning, this was not something the shop owners would have wanted to be happening just three weeks away from the busiest trading day of the year, Christmas Eve. Here are a few photographs in my collection which I have acquired from various sources. Those shown here have been loaned to me and shown here with full permission of the lenders, the majority coming from the collection of John Lee.

01_flood 02_flood
03_flood 04_flood05_flood 06_flood07_flood 08_flood09_flood 10_flood11_flood 12_flood13_flood 14_flood15_flood 16_flood17_flood 18_flood19_flood 20_flood

You can also view these photographs on flickr.