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In my last post my great grandfather mentioned the Shop Assistant’s Union and the Tradesmen’s Association in Bridgend, there was also the Bridgend Drapers’ Chamber of Trade and shown here is their recommended rates of pay for apprentices. I’m not entirely sure to what date these rates apply, but as this was with other documents relating to the early 1920s we can safely assume this to be from the same period, or possibly a little earlier. To put these rates into perspective the shop accounts for 1922 show my grandfather and his brother were each drawing £7 per week from the business. Wages for the rest of the staff amounted to between £6/8s and £7/2s per week in 1922, although it is not known how many were employed during this period as employee wages are shown as a single entry. An inflation calculator informs me that £7 in 1922 would equate to about £320 in today’s values; boys obviously were very cheap to employ.