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Of course, if the power company had actually listened to my query a week ago, and had taken action, the electricity on my side of the street would not have been put out of action this morning and the poor engineers would not have been out working in the most drenching of conditions.

I’ve had occasional flickering power for a while, it comes and goes, but over the last week or so has been very pronounced even turning off some of the services in the house, the boiler for example. I called in my electrician, remember my house was only re-wired three years ago so didn’t expect him to find anything wrong, he didn’t. I rang the power company who promised to send someone out within two hours, they didn’t. Yesterday flickering was bad and turning on the microwave oven made it even worse, so I unplugged it and things improved. This morning lights were flickering when I awoke and I sorted out the cat’s breakfast and then went to make coffee, turned on the kettle and immediately everything went black, complete loss of power, check the trip switches, all still on. Suspecting it was my exterior overhead cable I rang the power company at the same time as my neighbour was knocking the back door, they were out as well. The power company said they had no record of my previous call earlier this week but would add my complaint to today’s fault call.

Three hours later the power company eventually arrived and started to fiddle about up the pole outside, so mentioned to them my flickering problem, immediately they found the fault, my kettle had been the final straw that fused the street! Full marks to the engineers who had to work in today’s ridiculous weather conditions, they were polite, courteous and efficiently proceeded to deal with the fault. Sorry neighbours, but if the power company had listened to me earlier in the week, today’s episode could have been avoided.