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Just over 40 years ago Britain was contemplating joining the EU, or Common Market as it was then called. It was a topic of much discussion, like now, and this photograph taken in that era shows a group of youngsters on a south Wales carnival float exploiting the popular subject of the period. Seen are a few girls in Dutch and Welsh costumes and some boys, one purporting to be French wearing  a beret, one representing England in a football outfit and a lad with a hard hat and wellington boots depicting a Welsh miner, an occupation that disappeared in Wales within the next couple of decades. I believe the Red Arrows (or some other air display) were flying past at the time which is why the majority are looking to the left. The photo was taken after the actual carnival whilst the field events were taking place at Sandy Bay Arena in Porthcawl.

Now for some photographic details: my negative file says it was taken on 21st July 1973 and the film was Kodak 120 Verichrome Pan developed in Ilford Microphen. Although a camera was not specified on the file, the side-to-side film transport suggests it was my father’s roll film Baldawerke which I used before acquiring an old used twin-lens-reflex, a British-built Microflex.


As mentioned, a flying display were present during the field events following the carnival and this photograph shows the aerobatic team during a fly-past, whether they were the Red Arrows I know not.