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During the years 1973 to 1975 my camera trigger finger was very active and my negative files contain dozens of pages from this period. Shot mostly on 35mm black and white film there are also many 120 sized negatives but many of these have never been printed, or if they ever were, have been unseen for decades. Time to feed some of these through a scanner and see whether there are any gems to be discovered within.

In the aforementioned period I was very keen on photographing events, things like carnivals, parades and outdoor shows, but also took photographs around the town capturing scenes of a changing area. Some of the then-new developments I photographed have themselves since been demolished and replaced with other new structures and in the photo shown here can be seen the not-yet-completed multi-storey car park, now demolished and replaced, the pedestrian bridge removed a year or so ago, and the tower block from which Ogwr Borough Council operated is now much shorter, reduced to just two floors decades ago.


What has been difficult to achieve in the 2017 comparison photograph is the elevation of the photographer as I believe I was on a much lower level in 1974, the flood prevention scheme of the 1980s having raised the river banks. In addition I should have used my DSLR with a lens set at 50mm as per the original photograph to provide the correct perspective instead of trying to guess the focal length on my small compact camera.


There are thirty three photographs which I took around Bridgend on that day in June 1974. My file informs me the camera was my Minolta SRT 303 and the film was Ilford FP4 developed in Acutol.