Followers of this blog, and my many Flickr and Facebook friends, will not have failed to notice that my on-line activities have been declining in recent months. Many of you will know that I have been unwell for some considerable time with symptoms first showing a few weeks before last Christmas.

After many trials of various medications, in June I started undergoing extensive investigations and tests, with the result I have been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, this is inoperable as it has unfortunately spread to nearby organs. Chemotherapy did offer a slim chance that it would give me an extra couple of months and I decided I would take up this offer.

Last week I commenced the chemotherapy but unfortunately have had a violent reaction which subsequently made me seriously ill and hospitalised for five days. I have now made the decision not to continue with the chemo, for the sake of just a couple of months I would rather savour the time left to me than spend much of it in hospital should further reactions occur.

Because of my declining health, a month or so ago I made the decision to stand down from the committees of the two local societies of which I have played a prominent part for many years; Bridgend Camera Club of which I was currently vice chair, and the Bridgend & District Local History Society of which I was chair. I was very sad to retire from the Camera Club, I’ve been a member for twenty five years and made many friends but I shall endeavour to continue to attend health permitting. It was a very emotional day when I called my last committee meeting of the History Society a month or so ago and announced my decision to retire, but with a minor committee reshuffle I’m happy knowing the good work and name of the Society will continue.

A month or so ago I started to look for homes for some of my unusual collections and have had some success. I shall probably chronicle some of the developments of these moves on this blog in forthcoming weeks, keep watching, I’m still around.

The photo I have chosen to illustrate this piece is the last one taken that has me in it, a sort-of self portrait at the last outing we had with the Bridgend & District Local History Society in May of this year, the camera trigger is in my hand.